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If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please email us at: orchestra.wshs@gmail.com


  • Alison Dickson-Kozloski – President
  • Becky Wheeler– Vice President/Fundraising
  • Theresa Nguyen-  Treasurer
  • Barbara Vigil-  Secretary
  • Patmarie Nedelka- Hospitality

The vacant positions are important for our organization and need to be filled. Please consider volunteering your time. Please contact us with any questions.

  • MEASURING UNIFORMS  (school hrs. the first two weeks of school in September)
  • FUNDRAISING- pie distribution in November
  • DATA ENTRY(during school hours)
  • EOY activities

If you are new to the area and joining the Spartan Orchestra please be aware that this website is used to facilitate booster information and highlight some of the activities of all of our groups. Contact West Springfield HS Student Services to receive information concerning the audition requirement and enrollment procedure.



Summer camps

I just wanted to offer you a few things to consider if some were planning on on-line music camps.

Your child’s engagement in the lesson is key to getting the most out of the experience. Practicing and coming prepared is important and clear communication and directions from the instructor is also is key to making it educational and enjoyable.

Good internet connectivity will make it less frustrating.



I have posted a list of teachers on the school’s google classroom.

Disney 2020 and other news

Disney in January was a huge success. Thank you to all the parents that helped to chaperone, drive, load the truck, and provided snacks.

MARCH ASSESSMENT DATES  have been posted on the calendar. Please be sure to block out the date. Students will need to provide their own transportation

Barnes and Noble

Thank you all to all the students and parents who helped with the Barnes and Noble over the Winter Break. It was a big success and next year, we will be sure to get a few more dates.

Visit from the US Marine String Quartet

We had the great pleasure of having a quartet from the US Marine band come to our school and play for us this morning. Not only did we get to hear their wonderful playing, but we got to hear the stories of their own personal journey, the audition process and learned that they deal with nerves and gave us ideas on how to tackle them.

I forgot to mention that one of the violin players, Chris Franke is a WSHS alum.

” We play music because we love it and because music can make so many connections.”

US Marine String Quartet

US Marine String Quartet


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Welcome Students and Parents! Happy New Year and welcome to our orchestra. I cannot begin to express my excitement for this coming school year. I look forward to working with you and your child for the foreseeable future. It’s important for me to continue the strong collaboration and partnership with you, the parents, and our community; for it is the reason that the West Springfield Orchestra program continues to grow each year.

I encourage all parents to join us at our bi-monthly booster meetings, we keep them short and sweet. Meetings occur every other month.

I look forward to working with all of the groups to obtain a high level of musicianship that can only come from hard work and commitment to themselves and one another. As your music director, my job will be to provide you with the resources and tools to perform to one’s musical aspirations, for the student’s and the ensemble. Along the way, I also hope to instill a love and curiosity of music that will last a lifetime.

~Mrs. Jennifer Herrera


Orchestra Director

The West Springfield Orchestra program consists of three outstanding string ensembles, as well as a full orchestra. All groups perform publicly throughout the year and receive high marks at assessments and competition. Each group is made up of dedicated students who have a passion for music and performance. We are proud to be part of the Fairfax County Public School System, a strong and vibrant music community. Who believes through performance, creativity, investigation and connections that music contributes to a well rounded student.

The West Springfield Chamber Orchestra has had the honor at performing at the White House twice and at the 2015 Virginia Music Educators Association Conference in Norfolk, VA. We are also proud to say that our music department has been nationally recognized by VBODA (VA Band & Orchestra Director’s Asson.) as a Blue Ribbon School. In 2017, 30 of our students participated in our first overseas tour in Scotland, a truly unforgettable experience.

The orchestra program provides opportunities for students to attain the knowledge and skills necessary to be become musically literate and well-rounded individuals. West Springfield High School mission and vision for all students is to understand that learning happens everywhere, that we strive for excellence, and we learn from our diversity and the world around us. Orchestra allows us to do all of this. We provide an environment for students to explore music as a life skill, either as a vocation or as an avocation. The musical experience is one of self discovery. The goal of music education is to provide students with an environment that promotes learning, opportunities and structure. I believe that music education is a gateway to intellectual curiosity, that improvement is based on effort and the process of learning is equally as important as the final product. Music is performance and technique driven, but it is also history, dance, literature, science and culture. I hope that upon graduation from WSHS, all of our musicians take with them a lifelong commitment and desire to continue in some way with their music actively or passively.


To Current and Prospective Members of the West Springfield Orchestra Boosters, West Springfield High School Orchestra Boosters is a non-profit organization formed to promote and support the WSHS Orchestra program. We are orchestra parents (and students) who use our talents in a variety of activities including helping students work to offset their costs for program fees and events and helping the orchestra director with everything from feeding students during the "Fall Workshop" to running the end of the year banquet and everything in between. Best of all, we get to know the parents of our children's classmates.


We are an organization run by volunteers, and we like to use everyone's talents as best we can. The laws and protocol of our organization can be found in our by laws. A volunteer can put in as much or as little time into helping the boosters as fits his/her calendar. We have small and not so small jobs that can be done at home or at school, during the day or in the evening, one time or on-going. Please contact me at Orchestra.wshs@gmail.com to volunteer or to ask questions.


We have a great Orchestra program at WSHS which has been steadily growing for many years. I truly believe the boosters are a large part of keeping the program strong by freeing the director to concentrate on the students and the program. I'm looking forward to a great year as we welcome our new director, Mrs. Jennifer Herrera who has some exciting things planned for the coming year.